"Ultimate Hackintosh Experience: Dell 9020m running macOS with 800g1usdt Performance"


How to install macOS on Dell 9020M with 800g1usdt hackintosh?

2023-04-27 09:48

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800g1usdt黑苹果 is a type of Hackintosh computer that runs macOS on a Dell Optiplex 9020 computer with a small form factor design, known as the 800g1usdt (Ultra Small Desktop). It involves installing macOS on non-Apple hardware, which is not officially supported by Apple. This process requires some technical knowledge and modifications to the hardware and software, and can potentially void warranties. However, it allows users to experience the benefits of macOS on a more affordable device.

Release time 2023 04 27

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"800g1usdt hackintosh (Dell 9020M hackintosh)" refers to a desktop computer model manufactured by Dell, which has been modified to run a version of the macOS operating system that is not natively designed to run on Dell hardware. The term "hackintosh" is used to describe such a modification. The reference to "800g1usdt" likely refers to the specific hardware configuration of the Dell 9020M model.

Release time 2023 04 27

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