"The Genesis Block: A Record of Groundbreaking Bitcoin Transactions"


How can I inquire about the Bitcoin genesis block (Bitcoin's first transaction record) in English?

2023-06-09 05:29

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The Bitcoin genesis block (Bitcoin's first-ever block) refers to the initial block of transactions that was mined and secured by Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. This block, which has a height of 0 and a timestamp of January 3, 2009, served as the foundation for the entire Bitcoin network. It contains a reward of 50 Bitcoins that were used for the first-ever Bitcoin transaction. The genesis block also established the first set of rules and parameters for how Bitcoin transactions and blocks would be processed, validated, and confirmed within the blockchain. The information contained in the Bitcoin genesis block is considered significant and historic, as it represents the birth of the decentralized blockchain technology revolution that has since revolutionized the way we think about value transfer and information storage.

Release time 2023 06 09

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